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Per our LinkedIn Group Discussion:

You are welcome to share your search strings here! Any and all suggestions on how to organize this are welcome. 

Please note: let's keep the comments to this discussion outside-links free. 

Actually, here's a slight correction: please feel free to post links to your searches.

 ALSO: Let's keep this post questions-free. If you are looking for help please start a new forum post.

Thanks! :)

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This is one I have used to find Partner level lawyer profiles in the DC Metro area and it's been pretty effective. If you add site:"law firm url" it is even more effective.

(LEGAL PRACTICE AREAS) (law OR Legal) (partner OR member OR shareholder OR "solo practitioner") (he OR she OR his OR him OR her) (jd OR "juris doctorate") (202 | 703 | 301 | 240 | 571 | 443)(DC OR Maryland OR virginia) -counsel -"of counsel"

Thanks for joining me.

Client is looking for a SAP CRM / Trade Promotion Management Consultant  please help me to get string

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