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Here are some custom search engines I have created:
  1. Online Lead Generator (most popular)
  2. Recruiters and Sourcers
  3. Hidden Resumes (#2 most popular)
  4. Try Bing?
  5. Deep Web
  6. Document Finder
  7. Search .gov .com .org .edu
  8. Emails in Resumes
  9. LinkedIn People Finder (USA)
  10. LinkedIn People Finder (International)
  11. Bingle
  12. Jigsaw Rainmaker's Search Engine


Check out my article How to Build a Google CSE


I'd be interested to hear how these search engines work for you.

Add links to yours in the comments and we'll all try them out!





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Hi Irina,


Love the article. I've started playing with the CSE's an am interested in a couple of things.


Instead of adding the ‘&num=100’ to the search URL, is there a way to embed this into the CSE. I'm sure it's somewhere and I've just missed it...


Also, I notice that if I make a custom search engine and add some refinements, they look like a normal hyperlink rather than the buttons (rectangular border, highlighting on click) that we see with your CSEs. Is this a function of adding to them to a website, rather than just having them as a stand alone?


Thanks for any help!




Hi Irina,

I have downloaded your google custome search engine and document finder on my google chrome. Unfortunately whatever word I type it gives me results from only US based candidates and websites.

Is there any way i can find UK based people or werbsites?

Your help and guidence will be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Gaurang Patadia

Hi Gaurang,


Try using site:uk as part of your search in my engines. Let me know if that helps. It's not hard to build an engine specific to the UK. Will do when I have some time.


Hi Jason,


Unfortunately I have no good answers for your questions... My CSE's use the standard layout. One can certainly use some javascript to build the user interface but I didn't do that.

Hi Irina,

 Thanks as always! I am getting caught up and able to check this site again...I tweeted your article..great work!



What is the best way to use these tools?  I am looking for lists of medical laboratory employees in the Seattle area.


Thanks for sharing your LinkedIn Search.   Very helpful!


Jonathan Campbell said:

Hi Irina; first of all, great article, I have been playing around with the CSE's for the last few days and I have to say I am hooked!
I created a simple one here for searching LinkedIn in most of the major European countries.  The default search looks at the entire database but I have tabbed out the different countries.  

It's a shame that it forces you to include at least one website in the sites otherwise you could have one engine that searched everything by adding boolean to each refinement. 

I guess the real power for recruiters is comprehensively populating the synonym database with the synonyms for their industries/ sectors/ job titles etc.

Do you know if you can run a synonym for a whole phrase using the quotation marks?

Thank you so much IRINA...


Can i find out Canada based candidates with SAP expertise..


Please advise

How are these supposed to work?  Mean how do you use them?

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