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Congratulations to Suzy Tonini who is the Winner of theSocialCV Challenge! Suzy's answers had the highest numbers in every category, show clear logic, creativity, and were just perfect!

Thanks to all who tried competing; we know this was a hard Sourcing Challenge!

Suzy's says: "I love research, social media and networks, marketing, communications, technology, & people. I am fascinated by how all these things tie together in a way we've never been able to do before. The possibilities are endless...In the right hands of course"

Read more on Suzy's Google-plus profile. Follow her on Twitter at @Infosourcer (and I assure you you will be getting just the right and most important social media news faster than anybody else).

Suzy gets a subscription to theSocialCV worth $4,000; I hope she will keep us updated about its functionality.

Thanks a lot to William Fischer and theSocialCV Team for the nice collaboration and letting our Boolean Strings Network explore a top sourcing tool first hand.

We had participants from 400+ companies from 50+ counties try the tool out; imagine how busy they got just registering our members last week! Companies included several dozen Fortune 500 and publicly traded entities and many small recruitment consultancies.

Thanks to the top sourcing experts Martin Lee and Balazs Paroczay who helped judge the Challenge. 

I hope many of you enjoyed the event. We'll will have more in the future!



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What's a win without the methodology explained, right? This reminds me of when I won the SourceCon 2007 Challenge # 2 and so as you can see, it has been about 5 years since I have delved into these type of web-ferreting challenges.

However, I may now be in a different field, as you can see from my G+ profile, but I still keep a pretty good pulse on what's going on in the sourcing and internet research world, and I love the tools which I try and beta test as soon as they are out.

So when Irina sent me a Tweet mentioning this contest (very, very clever methodology, Irina!), I thought-this sounds cool, I get to play with a new tool and test my abilities at the same time. So here's how it went (and hopefully you can follow the logic without having to be a subscriber to the SocialCV tool).

There were three questions that needed to be answered and it wasn't obligatory to use the SocialCV tool, although I chose to do so. Some of the links point to the profile on SocialCV, but for this article, I ensured that there are external links so everyone can access them. That's what's cool about SocialCV- you can see how many social profiles a person has in the dashboard and be able to click on each one-talk about a handy time saver:

A) Find a Software Developer, who has written code for mobile devices, living in the San Francisco Bay Area, with the largest number of social profiles.
  1. In the search dashboard, did 25 miles from area code 92104, US, and skills: software, mobile coding
  2. In the results, refined by Job Titles and chose "software developer"
  3. Going through each page result I viewed "page source" and looked for "profile_count"
  4. Narrowed down the choices after looking at the profiles and determined that: Zac Bowling, with 26 social profiles, is the person you are looking for. His LI profile as well as the company he works for,, brought me to that conclusion.
B) Find a bilingual medical professional who has a certification, anywhere in the US, with the largest number of social profiles
  1. In the search dashboard, US, Job Title: Physician and Skills: medical bilingual certified
  2. Same as above, through each page result I viewed "page source" and looked for "profile_count". There seems to be a pattern once the profile results hit 2, so I stopped searching after that
  3. Narrowed down choice to Edward Gross with 14 social profiles, and determined that Edward Gross from Orlando, FL, whose Healthgrades profile states he speaks French German and Spanish, is the right person.
C) Find a PhD research scientist anywhere in Europe teaching at a major university, with the largest number of social profiles
  1. In the search dashboard, I did each European Country, Job Title: PHD and Skills: research scientist university teach
  2. In the results, refined by job titles "Researcher"
  3. Like the two examples above, going through each page result I viewed "page source" and looked for "profile_count"
  4. Narrowed down choices and eliminated "PhD Student" or "Pursuing PhD".  I also had to narrow down between 3 profiles, Stuart Chalmers with 14 social profiles, and from his LI profile  he has a PhD in Agent Technologies from the University of Aberdeen; Ralf Klamma has 12 online profiles and his LI profile states he has a diploma degree and a doctoral degree both in computer science from RWTH Aachen University. Currently, he leads the research group “metadata in community information systems” at the information systems chair, RWTH Aachen University,"; and Federico Gobbo who has 13 online profiles, and from his CV, he has a PhD in Computer Science, University of Insubria, Italy (perhaps not a "MAJOR" University),  and his current positions include Teaching Fellow in Language Planning and Planned Languages, University of Turin, Italy; Visiting professor, Esperanto Winter School, Nanjing University, Hainan Island, China; and Independent Researcher, University of Insubria, Varese-Como, Italy. So this led me to believe that the correct person with all the qualifications is Federico Gobbo from Italy.

Voila! There you have it! Looking forward to more cyber sleuthing.

Thanks a bunch to Irina and the SocialCV crew- much obliged!

Suzy Tonini

aka Infosourcer

And, in case anyone is interested, here is what the Page source info looks like:

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