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Who’s up for a challenge!? We’ve all come across a great resume while searching for a candidate, but low and behold, it’s one of those pesky “Confidential Resumes.” There is no name, email address, phone number, or anything on there to indicate how to get in touch with the candidate. So either one of two things happens:

1. You don’t feel like messing with it, so you move on to the next resume OR
2. You click on the “contact this confidential candidate” link and the job board sends them a message, but you never hear back from them.

Wouldn’t you rather talk to the candidate directly? Perhaps call them on the phone, or email them directly to their email address? Your challenge is to find the contact information of a resume I have posted. The resume is posted on,, and You may find this confidential resume by searching for the following phrase: "boolean strings network contest.” If you do not have access to Careerbuilder or Monster, you may also view the resume at

The winner of this contest will be the first who provides the following for the candidate:

1. First & last name
2. Phone number
3. All companies worked for
4. Cities the candidate has lived in
5. Educational insitution of the candidate

Email the answers to the candidate’s email address as well as the steps you took to find the candidate’s information.

Good luck!

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Hi Chris,
I was wondering if you can email me the steps to Suggested Solutions for the Confidential Resume Search.
It wll help me a lot. My email is

Thanks in Advance


Chris Penny said:
I have posted a "suggested solutions" discussion. If any of you have any further questions, feel free to send me a message!
Hi Chirs,

I would like to know the steps to find confidential resume.
You can respond to me at

Chris Penny said:
Andy Rouse has submitted all of the correct answers to the candidate's email address. I will leave the contest up for those of you who want to search just for the fun/challenge. If any of you would like to know my suggested methods, feel free to send me a message, and I will share my knowledge with you.
Please reply me with steps....
I posted the steps on a different discussion

Hi Chris Could you please send me the steps by steps as well this is my email id:



Chris Penny said:

Sure. Please provide me with your email address, and I will be sure to email them to you.

Merlynn Bertini said:

Could you add me to the list to receive the "steps" to do this search.



Hi Chris, would you be kind enough to please send me the steps as well.


Thanks in advance,


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