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Has LinkedIn pulled out a plug on sending messages to Group Members?

Yesterday I read an article about this rumor... today, it is true for me at least.


I came across few people who are in my groups; however I can not send them a message through regular account. It is asking me to InMail. I do have a LinkedIn Recruiter account as well. I can easily send them a direct message through that account.


I've tried this on several profiles and stands the same. Can anyone verify if it is happening for them as well?


I am attaching screen-shots for reference.

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Just to add - this candidate shares 3 group with me



You can still send a message to group members that are 1st connections - I'm not sure about 2nd or 3rd connections however-



Sarang- Irina's got a fix where you call up the profile of the person in the group you want to send a message to & use the ID# in their URL -


I haven't tried it yet-

gary cozin said:



You can still send a message to group members that are 1st connections - I'm not sure about 2nd or 3rd connections however-



You can easily go in specific group, search person in there and send message. It is still ON. My worry is LinkedIn is closing in doors on free users and asking people to upgrade.


Is this what LinkedIn intended when they started their service?

Hi guys, I just posted a blog about it:

The Rumor on Sending Messages On #LinkedIn

Sarang, you are right that LinkedIn may be and has been shutting down some free services. It's hard to guess what the future holds. For what it's worth, I recently spoke with someone from LinkedIn who said they intend to keep messaging on groups.




Hey Sarang,


I also have LinkedIn recruiter account, i normally have access to send message to people. However, i have lost the ability to send an invite to people in my LinkedIn Home. This is a sad thing thing.

Yes Lopa. I'm on the verge of that situation too....
does this mean that if you upgrade to a recruiter account you can no longer invite or accept invitations from individuals?

No Janis,


LinkedIn has assigned us a quota to send out the invites. Once we finish them - we are not able to send out any further invites.

yesterday I noticed that some of my 2nd level connections are appearing with the first initial of their last name only but it wasn't 100% yet. I'm assuming that is LinkedIn's next move?

LI has already done this for 3rd level connections. Not sure about 2nd level though.

There are ways to see the full name though.

I guess LI soon will become fully paid networking sight with all there services. They have gathered huge database & now they are going to make huge money out of it. Need to find out other ways...

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