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Hi everyone, brand new here, so hope I've posted in the right part and that someone might be able to help.

I'm trying to find Senior Application Support Analyst with Clearvision and perhaps some 'Rolfe & Nolan' experience, in New York.

Every time I try a different string, I get people with 'clear vision' rather than 'clearvision' in one word. So rather than the people having experience with 'clearvision' technology, they have a 'clear vision' or whatever it is that they're doing.


I've been trying site:linkedin searches and (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume OR intitle:cv OR inurl:cv OR intitle:vitae OR inurl:vitae) searches with no luck! Thanks guys

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Hey Ben... If using Google, just add a plus sign to the beginning of clearvision, as in +clearvision. That will stop Google from automatically assuming that you mean to put the space in there. Check out the difference... (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) +clearvision vs. (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) clearvision

Hope this helps!

Another approach may be to use a different name for clearvision - I'm not sure if that's the actual product name or not, if so, try using the company that makes that product with clearvision (ex: "companyname clearvision") Replace the company name with the company that makes clearvision in my example-

Kelly and Gary, you've both been of great help.

Many thanks,
also, use "rolfe * nolan" instead of "rolfe & nolan"....what if somebody typed "rolfe and nolan" instead of using the & symbol.

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