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Just discovered OutWit Docs software and it is awesome.

I downloaded 250 resumes to a folder on my hard drive.

I was able to eliminate many of the resumes by the date created.   

I try opening as many as possible at one time and then reviewing each resume, Then I rename the ones I want to keep in text and pdf formats (for uploading into my database).

Does anyone know of a fast way to open and review resumes in pdf form?   Or perhaps affordable software to review the documents?

This process is very time consuming.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Jody, was discussed in the bi-weekly chat last week, though I have no personal experience with it.

Google eventually gave up on their desktop search product, for various reasons, but one is that Windows built-in search eventually got really good.

What OS are you using? Under most modern versions of Windows, you can use the 'preview' panel to review the contents of a document, and the search options are pretty solid to find the documents by contents. If you're on another system perhaps someone else can recommend an option.

Yes, it's a great tool! After you have downloaded resumes, you can use a resume parser to make sense of them. If you have an ATS system it always comes with a parser. There's a stand-alone eGrabber tool for resume parsing that has been around for a long time and is well polished. It can parse files in a folder or files from Google search results.

If you are looking for only reviewing as the first step, not parsing: I know that on Windows 7 you can preview PDF files simply in the folder by mousing over them. Whatever the OS is, there should be something similar.

Irina and Dave

Thank you !  I have Windows OS 7 and took your suggestion and the preview panel is awesome.  My ATS does not parse pdf files.  For now, I am happy to just preview the documents.   I was at AppsWorld in San Francisco on Saturday and found an OCR that works well with pdf files, will be testing out their product soon.

Thank you.


I use a product that you can use for free Copernic desktop search.

There is a Pro version as well that is reasonable @ $49.00 but for what you dothe free version is adequate.

Once you download and install the system will index all of the files on your HD. The initial index will take a few hours depending on how much you have stored.

Once done, you can point it at any folder and it will search all of the files in it or the whole hard drive. It can also list them all in the upper window and you can go throuh as needed. But what is important is you can short list these pdfs by putting in your keywords and phrases and it will give you a list of results in the top window and a preview pane in the bottom window. You can read the file in the preview pane. Then you can open and rename etc.. I use it extensively just as you do to scrape files with outwit docs, throw them into a catch all folder. I ask it to index the folder on demand, in a few minutes it will be done and I can sort from there.

If you need a tutorial on this let me know.


Thanks, Peter !

You are welcome. BTW I think Copernic works better than Google Desktop Search which was mentioned earlier. I have worked with both. Good luck.

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