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* for us to learn about a variety of searches that are being done out there;
* for you to perhaps hear some new ideas about search strings, sites to go to and ways to source.


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Hi Irina;
I would give myself the term novice when it comes to using boolean strings on searches. Right now I'm conducting a search for a Managing Director for a Managed Care Corporation. how would I string together words in a boolean string that would attract someone searching for a position such as this. I can use this knowledge on other searches we're conducting also. Thank you so much for creating this network, any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Best regards
Thanks Martin, totally agree, I've also found it helpful in searches where you're looking for someone who speaks a particular language to look for (Fluent OR native OR speak OR conversational OR Read OR Write).

Martin Lee said:
Kameron - we recently scraped the internet for Dutch nationals and used "fluent near dutch" and/or "nationality near dutch" and/or "passport near dutch/ netherlands/ holland " to good effect as it doesn't just give people living there but also Dutch people working in other countries i.e. contractors who nearly always want to work closer to home.

You'll need to 'play' around and add or shift some key words in the following string. It produced a few results you may be able to use:

In GOOGLE, insert exactly: packaging process engineer food design (" pennsylvania area" | "greater philadephia area") -intitle:directory -inurl:updates -inurl:jobid -inurl:find -inurl:answers

Edward Benford said:
Look for a Packaging Process Engineer utilizes all aspects of design,cost, project systems from start up. Lead in the areas of design , application and maintenance- wrappers, carton and tray loading- Candy -Food Industry Pa.
Hi Voltage electrical technicians or Transmission Planning Engineers. I've and having no luck with this string. HELP!

(4kV OR 21kV OR 69kV OR 230kV OR 13.8kv OR 500kv OR “electric engineer” OR "electric transmission" OR "electric substation") AND ("control panel" OR relay OR "protective devices" OR "protective relay" OR instrumentation) AND (technologist OR technician OR journeyman OR electrician OR navy OR "air force" OR army OR marine OR BSEE) AND (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) -job -jobs -sample -samples -”resume service” AND 93230..95961 (CA OR California)
I am based in Manila with an executive search firm here and we are always trying to find Filipinos abroad who are open to returning here for mid-senior level positions. Tracing Filipinos who have roots here that we know of isn't to difficult (i.e they would have gone to several top universities here & Filipinos tend to be avid social networkers on the net); HOWEVER, I am having a hard time finding Filipinos with few roots here or those who are Fil-ams. The bigest challenge is the fact that most Filipino names tend to be CHINESE or SPANISH in origin & Filipinos tend to be an "invisible minority" and blend in (especially if a parent etc. was not Filipino). Hence, unless they went to school here or something else about the info I find says FILIPINO about them, I am probably missing ALOT of names.

Does anyone else have a similar problem (i.e. they deal with a specific ethnic group/country) and any suggestions on how to overcome this via Boolean?
I am looking for a Management Reporting Consultant for our North Highlands, CA offices. Candidate must have leadership skill and be proficient in SQL, VBA, Visual Basic, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio. Will be working with multiple clients to determine database, application, and information requirements. Will be designing, developing, and implementing databases, process automation, applications, and reporting. Will be leading project teams.
Thanks Gary!

gary cozin said:

The string below came up with only 3 results - but they all seem to have the qualifications you need.

Insert the exact string into GOOGLE for LinkedIN profiles: -intitle:directory director "interactive agency" sem seo "greater atlanta area" -inurl:updates -inurl:jobid -inurl:find -inurl:answers

Please 'play' around with the key words to generate add'l results-


Kelli said:
I'm searching for an Associate Director, Search Marketing in Atlanta. This person must have interactive agency experience. 5-7 years experience with SEM, SEO, Paid and Organic Search. If anyone has Boolean search tips for me they will be greatly appreciated. I'm new to Boolean and am trying to jump on the bandwagon quickly! Thanks... :)
I head research ops for a recruitment group in the greater China region. I have a team which is working on a number of senior roles in China which need Chinese people from the US to relocate to China.
I'm looking for a Regional Sales Account Executive that has 2-5 yrs experience selling resident/tenant screening solutions to property management companies or property owners. I need to target candidates in California, Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Irina and the group,

I am a novice but I am working hard onchanging that.

I've been looking for a 10 year veteran bridge estimator. Only estimating and no other activities for at least 6 years. Must live in the surrounding states of and or in D.C. They need to have a BSME.

Here is the string I have been using : inurl:pub | inurl:in bsme, Bridge Estimator, northeast . also using: estimating ~certif construction, bridges ext:pdf ~resume -job

Any ideas are appreciated.

I am looking for a Sr. Storage Administrator in Eagan, Minnesota. We hire locals to MN only.
Hi Irina,

Thanks for your posting.

I believe, I had posted one of my position on which I am working currently as per your request on linkedin but still i didn't got any comments on it and even in linkedin i didnt get any update on that.

Can anyone help me out from this search?

It will be highly appreciated.

Praveen Jain

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