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It's time for a Sourcing Contest!

Answer all of the questions posted at Sample Test Questions: Level One, Level Two by the end of Friday and get the 9 video-recorded hours of People Sourcing Certification Materials (a $399 value) or a 2-hour of 1-on-1 with Irina (a $300 value) (your choice).

Here is a bonus (a Master level) sourcing question which will be used in case of a tie. What is Irina's maiden name?

Attention All: Please email your answers to (please provide some reasoning for your answers). Please do not post your answers here, to keep it fair.

Have fun! :)

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Here is an alternative Master level question that is also a little easier:
Find out as many names and email addresses of consultants on this list as you can:

Attention All: we have not received any complete answers and are extending the contest to Wednesday September 5th, 2012.

Andrea Mitchell is the only one who has solved the Master level question above.

Hi All,

Geraldine Bruce

is the winner! Thanks to all for participating.

Thank you, Irina


Your sourcing competitions are always such fun.  They are really challenging and I can't believe how much I learn in the process. 

  • Irina asked me to post the solutions to the Level 1 and 2 Sourcing Questions.  Here they are:


Level One


1.How many people currently working at Microsoft have the word Ninja in their current title on LinkedIn?

Answer: Eight or Nine (If you count Shish Shridar – see below)

  • Karisma Williams – Senior UI/UX Ninja at Microsoft Game Studios
  • David Salamon – Windows Phone Demo Ninja
  • Anya Minbiole (Ulitskaya) – Digital Marketing Ninja
  • Stephen Averro – SLA Calc Ninja
  • Tess Ferrandez – Inspiration Ninja
  • Boris Erikson – Enforcement Unicorn Ninja
  • Juan Carlos Arevalo Baeza – Emulation Ninja
  • Tudor Trufinescu  - Development Lead at Microsoft (also says Ninja)
    • Shish Shridar – Has a number of “Current” job profiles, one of which is  Ninja – If we count him, the total is 9

2.There is a Racquetball League site that lists a person who works (or used to work?) at ToysRUs. What is his job title?

Answer:                 Matt

From Town of Ramapo Racquetball


3. How many members of the site are women?

Answer: Meritalk: gender+female = 544


4. Does Google accept the operator NOT (capitalized)?

Answer: No. I tried

Insurance –Life (Got Car, Travel and Household insurance results)

Insurance NOT Life (Brings up Life Insurance results and finds the word NOT)


5. What is the last name of the Zone II Director of the National Pharmaceutical Association?

Answer: Hanesworth

Erica Hanesworth, PharmD, BCPS

Zone II Director


Level Two

  • There are several people with the current title including the word Ninja, working at Microsoft, on LinkedIn. One of them works in software development, is involved with Bing, lives in Seattle, and has one duplicate profile on LinkedIn. What is his last name? When did he join Microsoft (year)?

Answer: "Tudor Trufinescu" Joined Microsoft in January 2002.  Duplicate Profile.  Lives in Seattle.  Part of BING platform Team


  • Does any type of Google search (including its special searches) have these operators?
  1. inpublisher:

Answer: Advanced Patent Search

  1. near:  

Answer: was used in a proximity search but doesn’t seem to have much effect on a Google Search

  1. infile:

Answer: The infile option indicates the file to be queried.  Google Advanced Book Search

  1. ininventor:

Answer: Advanced Patent Search

Answer: 47 of the Accenture people have LinkedIn profiles

Joanna Rys (LION)

Contractor recruitment solution to a leading global Aerospace and Defence company

Geraldine, that was great! I have a quick question for you, How did you find the answer Joanna Rys for (What is the name of the person whose connections are shown here) Please help....

Hi Franklin

I probably found the answer the long way around but here it is:

1. I identified each of the four connections:Malgorzata Olejniczak, Paula Szczepańska, Agnieszka Krobicka and Nadia Gorbacheva.

2. They were all connected to Tomasz Drabik

3. My next search string was "tomasz drabik" intitle:LION

4. There were 3 results and I just matched the photo in the screen grab to Joanna Rys

This string also brought her up but I wouldn't have been able to connect her to the people in the screen grab sourcer | sourcing krakow poland inurl:in | inurl:pub -inurl:dir -inurl:title intitle:LION

As I said before, I am a novice sourcer so this is probably not the correct (or easiest) way to find the answer.  It's just how I did it.


Hi lulia

I'll answer part one now and part 2 tomorrow.  It is late here in South Africa and I have work tomorrow :)

1. I opened the Accenture link and copied all the email addresses

2. I pasted them into Excel and then sorted the data and removed the non-email info

3. Then I saved the file as a comma delimited file (.csv)

4. I uploaded the file into LinkedIn Contacts and LinkedIn then marks those who have a LinkedIn profile (see attached file)


Hi lulia

Re: Tudor Trufinescu


As I've said before, I am not a sourcing guru but I am dogged and, as a result, my searching is not pretty and involves so many convolutions that I'm not always able to retrace my steps exactly.  I'm sure Irina has a two step process to do what it takes me hours and 500 steps to do.  Another excellent reason to sign up for the People Certification Sourcing Programme!!

To answer your question:


1.  I am using a free account

2. One profile for Tudor is not in my network and one is a 3rd connection

3. I ran a number of searches like these: "current * * ninja at microsoft" "* * ninja at microsoft" "title * * ninja at microsoft"

4. I collected profiles that fit and then cross referenced inside LinkedIn and collected some more

5. I plugged the data on the "LinkedIn Member" profiles (i.e. no name) back into Google and "unmasked" them

6. Tudor's was the hardest to find because he had a title (Development Lead) and a current descriptor (Ninja)

7. I ended up back in LinkedIn and trying all sorts of combinations.  Putting "Development Lead" OR Ninja in TITLE wasn't working, neither did "Development Lead" in TITLE and Ninja in keyword or visa versa

8. Eventually, I put “development lead” ninja in KEYWORD

9. I narrowed the location to USA (the hidden profile said the person was located in Seattle" and then chose "3rd connections and everyone else"

10. This brought up 2 profiles - Bob H and the mystery profile

11. I opened Bob's profile and found Tudor Trufinescu in "Viewers of this profile also viewed.." 

12. I then put Tudor's name into the Linkedin People Search box and Tudor came up twice and had BING platform team in his 2nd profile

There are probably a thousand easier ways to get the same result and I'd love it if you all shared your method.


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