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Sourcing Contest: Find a Phone Number and an Email Address

Hello Sourcers and fellow Boolean Strings members,


Some of you may remember the post on

Kryptos: The Ultimate Challenge


Thousands of people around the world rushed to try and solve the code of Kryptos at the time of its author Jim Sanborn's announcement last November. Alas, Kryptos remains an unsolved mystery.

The Kryptos author, sculptor Jim Sanborn, is tired of being bugged by cryptographers and does not make himself easily available. He's created a site to submit the answers to his famous puzzle.

So here is our contest: 

1) find Jim's phone number and email address (don't bug the man, just find the info!);

2) name some people who have spoken or exchanged messages with Jim regarding Kryptos after his announcement.


Big Bonus: solve Kryptos (just kidding).


Please email your responses to 

The winner will get a guest pass to our Webinar on August 16 - How to Find Contact Information - By Irina Shamaeva & Shannon V...


I will announce the winner next Monday.

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phone:  202.256.1328


chatted with Charlie Gibson and Dan Brown on GMA




Wow. Fantastic - and quick! The email is correct. I know of a different phone number so am curious how you found this.


The date(s) of conversations have to be after the announcements at the end of November 2010.

John Turnberg said:

phone:  202.256.1328


chatted with Charlie Gibson and Dan Brown on GMA


Irina & John: I don't think that address might not be exactly right if you look closely. I think it may have been a typo on the sight John found but it is should be from what my team is saying, one of them just emailed you...
I had a typo... and I so cheated by going to a whois lookup on his website
OK folks - how about some people who spoke with Jim about Kryptos in 2011? :)

Folks, sorry! Correction: please email to

I will acknowledge re-sent emails.


Did it the same way - before I finished reading the contest e-mail, had his whois up. I did get the other number, too, because I wanted to confirm through another source. His other number is more widely distributed.


John Turnberg said:

I had a typo... and I so cheated by going to a whois lookup on his website

I feel silly for not realizing this on my own, but have resent.


"Cheated" on BOTH answers, but original response was 12:38PM eastern. :) #2 took about 19 times longer than #1.

Irina Shamaeva said:

Folks, sorry! Correction: please email to

I will acknowledge re-sent emails.

I have some responses. We may have several winners... I will be summing up next Monday. References to those who spoke with Jim will matter (please prove the "proof", i.e. an online reference). By the way there's a person who has been trying to solve Kryptos who spoke with Jim on the phone this summer.

Dear All,

Thanks for your responses. The winner(s) will be announced tomorrow (Monday) night.

The first 2-3 people who sent or published the contact info have a chance to win if they give me some names of people with whom Jim Sanborn has spoken - about Kryptos - since his announcement in Nov 2010. Other people who spoke with Jim in 2011 and people who spoke with Jim before his announcement don’t count; if fact, with all being equal, wrong answers (such as “William Webster”, for example) count against winning.

If you have provided phone numbers other than from whois please feel free to point to the source.

So far I have one correct name of a person who called Jim about Kryptos quite recently, along with a proof (a URL), and one more correct name but without a proof.

If you started “too late”, after the email/phone had been published, you do have a chance to win by providing the largest number of references to conversations with Jim (after 11/10, re:kryptos).

Apart from this, if any of you are interested in solving kryptos itself I’d be glad to chat about it. :)



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