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Create a search string on Google so that:

  • it will use as few as possible Boolean operators (the AND, OR, and NOT logic)
  • it will bring up as many emails of recruiters as possible visible on the first page of search results

Deadline: Thursday March 8, 2012

Please post your strings in the comments to this post.

To choose the winner we will count:

  • the number of Boolean operators used (try to get it to zero!)
  • the number of emails available on the first page with the results
  • the amount of creativity
  • in the case of a tie the shortest string will win

Prize: the "Productivity Tools and Techniques for Internet Sourcing" prerecorded class, otherwise available at Prerecorded Classes.

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"recruiter"  "mailto"

Since the current maximum possible number of results on the first page of google (not a CSE, no special interfaces, etc, is what I'm assuming) is 100, the ideal goal here is the shortest string string with the fewest and/or/nots that gets 100 unique correct results (or as close as possible there to)?

Initial thought was simply "send * resume to ** com", but this includes general resume inboxes and other non-recruiters (admins, hr generalists, principles, etc).

Figuring the result needed to show both that it was for a recruiter and the actual e-mail, tried recruiter "email ** com", but the results were not great. Decided that recruiter needed a modifier. Looked for more common antecedent for recruiter in job titles on Linkedin (quickie, non-exhaustive search), turns out "senior" appears to be most common.

So - "senior recruiter" "email * * com". Some false positives, duplicates, and the occasional job ad, but it's short and only contains implied boolean.

Ooh... great one.

Bob Schmidt said:

"recruiter"  "mailto"

This is a great start! I hope you don't expect me to count emails and verify which ones belong to recruiters... :) This is part of the challenge.

"The shortest" is not as important as the number of operators and the number of emails visible. Of course, this search should not be personalized. Using search options is fine. The number of "false positives" doesn't matter.

Dave - yes, of course, not a CSE (however, you can set the number of results per page in a CSE).

recruiter mailto=*=com

recruiter LION @*.com

"Sourcing community logo" "email * .com"



-kameron "Staffing and Recruiting" "email * * com"

Emails Visable: 116

Unique Emails: 105


(Keep in mind that is with my Google search settings set to 100 results per page)


recruiter|recruiting mailto:* "Open Networker" Recruiter Lion "**@*.com"

Jennifer - great job! :)

Lisa - nice, very short string, but it doesn't bring too many emails to the results page (can you guess why?)

Christi, you can make your string one character shorter; do you know how? :) Take a look at the results page.

Kameron - appreciate the thought! :) But not all of our members are recruiters; you may want to count recruiters.

All submissions except Jennifer's: can you please count the emails of recruiters? You may want to explain how you would do it.


P.S. Some of you have provided strings make Google listing dynamic pages as results (examples are a job search result page on dice or indeed). For these it's difficult to count the emails since these pages only live for a few minutes; I guess we'll deal with this uncertainty when you provide the counts.

Mine had 92 unique results. For easy counting I just loaded the search results into Broadlook's free Contact Capture software and deduped in Excel.



Kameron Swinton said:

"Sourcing community logo" "email * .com"




I'm thinking that to get maximum results and shortest string I need to direct my search where I can guarantee that I am only looking at recruiters.

Bullhorn Reach enables recruiters to post jobs for free and I only need to use the site: operator. I do have to direct my search to users only by using /user to eliminate other noise.Therefore my string is :- com

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