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Create a search string on Google so that:

  • it will use as few as possible Boolean operators (the AND, OR, and NOT logic)
  • it will bring up as many emails of recruiters as possible visible on the first page of search results

Deadline: Thursday March 8, 2012

Please post your strings in the comments to this post.

To choose the winner we will count:

  • the number of Boolean operators used (try to get it to zero!)
  • the number of emails available on the first page with the results
  • the amount of creativity
  • in the case of a tie the shortest string will win

Prize: the "Productivity Tools and Techniques for Internet Sourcing" prerecorded class, otherwise available at Prerecorded Classes.

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I agree with the comment.

It wound't be hard, especially for those who X-ray LinkedIn, to look up the list of profiles for a given list of emails, and see who's a recruiter.

I would like to introduce a new rule. Please do not use the symbol @ in your search strings. (Believe me, it's not restricitve :))

Jennifer Bowen said:

Bob - That's a good try but did you look at the actual results? There are many Domain Blacklist and Beware of Scam type results.  Not sure that is exactly what we're trying to find. Could you modify it to remove those and still get strong results? OPEN recruiter email "**.com"

Got Good results with above string.....

All - 

Thanks for the great content and brainstorming! We will be finalizing the contest results tonight. Only those who provide the numbers and (if necessary) explanations on why these emails belong to recruiters are eligible.

How about the below string 

recruiter mailto=* com

recruiter LION @*.com  When I use google I get 9 emails 1st page resules

Hi Everybody,

Very sorry for the delay. As of now,

Kameron's string produces 217 results. Wow! (attached) I wonder if Contact Capture may have missed some emails when you counted.

Martin: great thinking! One result per page, a total of 100. Martin's string can be made shorter and to have no Boolean by dropping "com":

Jennifer: I counted 100 results (attached) - which doesn't mean it wasn't 105 when you searched, of course.  Jennifer gets extra points for being the first to dedupe and count and to pre-qualify the results.

Therefore, Kameron, Jennifer, and Martin are all winners. Congratulations! Please email me if you'd like the Productivity class to be "shipped" to you.

Dave: thanks for sharing ideas; unfortunately, we didn't get numbers from you. By the way you could do sort-of a variation  like this: "email * recruiter * com" (again, with no Boolean).

Thanks all! Hope it was fun.



Like to share this one..

("email * recruiter * com" | "email * resume * com")



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