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1. If you want to only find profiles for people from the UK in LinkedIn, searching from Google, what would be the best search string?
Hint: use the site: operator.

2. Some people include the symbol @ in their searches for email addresses on Google. If you use the symbol @ in your search string on Google and then use the same string but change @ to ?, will the results be different?

Hint: try several examples. Make sure the number of results is under 1,000 for accuracy of your testing.

Bonus: the same question but substitute @ for $

3. If you search on Google using the word manager as part of your string and then use –manager thus excluding the results with the word; could it be that some web pages come up in both searches?

Hint: this is a tricky question. Try searching for manager and see what comes up.

4. If someone invites you on LinkedIn, you accept the invitation and later on you wonder how many connection the person has, is there a way to find out?

Hint: try doing this for someone who has recently invited you

5. How many results max would you see when you search for:

1) people on LinkedIn using the people search
2) people in a LI group
3) something on Google
4) something on Bing
5) something on Yahoo
(or is there a limit for some of these?)

6. Can you use the operator NOT (capitalized) on
1) Google
2) Bing

Hint: try using it and see what happens; check the help sections

7. If you are a member of LinkedIn, in which searches can you use the Boolean operators AND OR NOT?

8. On the twitter home page, there’s a search box. What string(s) would you use in this box to find recent tweets about recruiting in the UK that contain links?

9. Suggest a search string on Google to find the ultimate answer to the Universe - without clicking on the results!

10. (optional but will help you to win in case there’s a tie)
Please post a short article to share your recent sourcing experience or to ask a web sourcing-related question.

Please email your answers to:

Deadline: Wednesday January 27th.

Prize for the winner: a pass to the #trusource/#trulondon event

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This is cool! I cannot wait to see the answers.
Why don't you participate? :)

Norma Beasant, PHR said:
This is cool! I cannot wait to see the answers.

Thanks for the opportunity. I appreciate your effort

To encourage participation, we are adding an incentive to this.
Submit your answers and attend the webinar Boolean Strings Made Easy on February 1st at noon EST.
2 days left!

Some good questions here, not too hot on this sort of thing but Im intrigued by the answer for finding out how many connections your connections on LinkedIn have.....hope you post the answers up.

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