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5 Things Travel Nurses Aren't Telling Their Recruiter (..but should)

I have never counted but I would guess I have somewhere around 40 conversations per day with prospective travelers. Whether it be via Facebook chat, email, text, Linked In messages, or an old fashioned phone call, if I'm at my desk I'm talking to somebody. Conducting these exchanges in an open and honest manner is something I'm pretty consistent with. So I would like you to set your deeply ingrained social etiquette to the side for a minute and talk about a few statements you might consider "rude".  When in actuality, I have a strong appreciation for this level of blatant transparency from my candidates. 

1 - "There's someone else." So you're not working exclusively with me. No biggie. This opens up a whole dialogue which allows us to weigh options and gives me a better idea of what would make you happy. I appreciate when my candidates let me know someone is already pitching and my competition is hot. If nothing else, it lights a fire under me to work rigorously to propose enticing contracts and guess what? You just became #1 on my priority list. And we all like being number 1, don't we. 

2 - "You're my Plan B." So we're going to bat for a preferred assignment and I'm feeling like all our eggs are in this one basket. Little do I know you're currently interviewing for a permanent position which, unbeknownst to me, is your first choice.  Thus, our pending offer is only your back-up plan. Sharing your motives with your recruiter is simple, and very much appreciated. Not to mention this protects your proverbial bridges with the agency, recruiter, and the facility hiring manager. You never know when you may need to re approach that bridge one day.   

3- The word "no". I'm not sure why, but this is a hard one for most of us. People have a natural urge to be helpful, especially when it comes to phone conversation etiquette. I want to give you permission to say no. For example: I email you some assignment details including the application instructions. If you don't plan on applying, just say so. Save us both the trouble of the follow-up email. And better yet, tell me what you'd like to see differently. Never underestimate my recruiting savvy. 

4-"Multiple offers." Things are getting exciting. Your profile is fabulous. Because you're such a rock star nurse, we both know this will be a slam dunk. We chat and check in at least once a day. You're enthusiastic and asking for updates. We're shopping for housing together. The whole nine. And then it happens. I receive the offer and call you, busting with excitement, only to hit the brick wall of this dead end feat. "I'm sorry, I just signed another contract. Thank you for your help though." Well, rats. Also,  it's important to share if you're already being considered at another facility. It's a fact that hospitals strongly dislike duplicate submissions and oftentimes will withdraw you from the candidate pool completely. And suddenly 2 prospects disintegrate in to a heap of ash.  

5- "I'm not calling back." Sounds harsh, right? Well I have no delusions that every single person I speak to is ready to travel or move forward with accepting a contract right now. Sure, my job would be a thousand times easier, but it's just not reality. If you saw my follow-up list on a daily basis, it would be clear as day why I can handle a simple "no thank you". That isn't to say we shouldn't stay in touch. Just try to tone down your enthusiasm with promises to complete an application if that's just not where you're at right now. It's just as easy as hitting "decline incoming call", only more polite. And we both know your mama raised you better than that. 

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