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Finding Anyone's Contact Details

Posted by Shane McCusker on July 17, 2014 at 7:30am

Changes to LinkedIn Public Profiles

Posted by Shane McCusker on July 16, 2014 at 9:03am

LinkedIn Alerts

Posted by Shane McCusker on April 9, 2014 at 1:05am






Help with a string..

Started by Krista LeBlanc 13 hours ago. 0 Replies

Wondering if I can get help me with a string I'm doing, and curious on a few things.I'm doing a position for a vp of operations for a company that manufactures transformers, and the client believes they will need to find someone from USA, but Id like to include Canada as well. This person will need to have experience's with multi plants. I've always sourced only one area at a time so I'm unsure as to source for many areas at one time, and believe if I just put "united states" it will only…Continue

reply to a connect invite without connecting

Started by Dawn Barry. Last reply by Dawn Barry 14 hours ago. 2 Replies

Is there a way to reply to someone who sends you LI connection invite without connecting with them. I"ve searched for their personal contact everywhere but was unable to find anything.. THANKS! Continue

Sourcing Methodologies - Thu July 24th, 2014

Started by Irina Shamaeva Jul 20. 0 Replies

  In this newly developed webinar, "Sourcing Methodologies",  I will cover several innovative sourcing and research concepts, that, once put to work, are going to make your Sourcing soar to the new heights! Link to Register:“X-Raying”, “Flipping” and “Peeling” are ways to source talent, that were named and conceptualized …Continue

Tags: webinar, sourcing

Advanced Sourcing Contest

Started by Irina Shamaeva Jul 14. 0 Replies

This is a word cloud made out of forty-thousand-plus Skills on LinkedIn and also shared in my post about …Continue

How to view Linkedin Open network profiles

Started by Shivakumar. Last reply by Irina Shamaeva Jul 11. 3 Replies

Hi Irina, Can you please suggest if there is any way or LinkedIn x-ray string were i can get the results of people who are part of open network in linkedin.Please find the attached screenshot for details.LinkedIn%20Screenshot.docxRegards,Shiva.Continue

Mini-Sourcing Contest :)

Started by Irina Shamaeva. Last reply by Irina Shamaeva Jun 26. 1 Reply

It's been a while since I ran the last sourcing contest. Here is a new one. Try your sourcing and research skills!The first person to email me the correct answer will be eligible to take the Sourcing Certification Exam in July or August 2014 (their choice; the fee waved) and, as usual, will be featured here, on the Boolean Network.Read on.A good friend…Continue

Need help in finding CQ5/AEM Developers for Harrisburg,PA location please

Started by Sowmya Nanjaiah Jun 16. 0 Replies

Hi All,I am stuck and need help from you lovely people on these 2 things.1. I am trying to look for CQ5/AEM Developers for Harrisburg,PA location but have not been successful so far. I tried many links from the search string repository here,but not getting good results. I want to target people whom I know are looking for putting "seeking OR looking" kind of operators. Any help would be awesome. Been struggling from 2 weeks :-(2. I have also noticed that my Google search gives…Continue

Flex developer position

Started by raman. Last reply by Sowmya Nanjaiah Jun 15. 5 Replies

Hi ,Just wanted to know what will be string for this requirement in Texas.Adobe Flex DeveloperWe are looking for someone that is a senior web developer with at least 1-2 years of Flex 2 and or Flex 3 experience. (Flash/ActionScript development)This person will be the only person with these skills on the team.They are rewriting an existing program and will be using Flex to develop it.Please let me know if you do have anyone that is a Green Card/EAD Card, U.S. Citizen, or TN Visa holderContinue

Has anyone tried out Hiring Solved?

Started by Marion Mehrer. Last reply by Alex K Jun 10. 3 Replies

Hi everyone,We're contemplating looking at trying out Hiring Solved.Would appreciate any feedback anyone may have.  Thanks,MarionContinue

Outwit Hub Help

Started by Jerry Chrisphonte. Last reply by Michel SARFATI Jun 7. 3 Replies

Hello AllMy "guess" function in outwit hub is perfect yet stops at page 10 when there is a "next 10 pages" button to bring up the next 10 pages... how can I tell outwit to click this and continue scraping?  Any help would be greatly apprectiated... thank you all in advance.Continue

Tags: Outwit

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